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Have you ever felt like your practice was out of control?

You are not alone……..

This challenge has existed since the early 1980s; it exists today and will only get worse with time.

Why do I think it will get more challenging to control you dental practice?

I started working with Dentists and other health care professionals in September of 1994. Today, you face different challenges than Dentists faced in the 80’s and 90’s.

However, in 1970, the year I was born, Dentists did not have to worry about business. Crowns were $195.00, Insurance covered $1000 a year and dentists were fat, dumb and happy. A Volkswagen Beetle also cost $2500.00.

Back in the 90s dentists wanted to grow their practice but many were very concerned about what other dentists would think if they advertised.

In my career, I have interviewed over 10,000 dentists. Many that were struggling to grow their practices and not be under the yolk of HMO’s and PPOs.

Some were afraid to advertise because they worried what people would think. They would continue to struggle because they were afraid to get the word out.

Back in the 90s, when a dentist did advertise, it worked so well because so few dentists advertised.

Today, the climate has changed. When a dentist desires to grow their practice, it is not a question of if he should advertise or mot. The question is more like,” What the hell do I do?” The choices are overwhelming!

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Advertising does work, but if your house isn’t in order you will lose your shirt.

What does having your house in order mean? A team that is willing to get the job done, staff that are trained to schedule new patients effectively, and a doctor that is effective at case acceptance.

I can assure of one thing. The fundamentals of growing and operating a dental practice have not changed in twenty years, and will probably will not change in the next twenty years.

Patient acquisition and retention was then and is now a must. Training your staff and creating a great team is critical. Good Case Acceptance is vital to keep your schedule full of productive procedures and have more money than month. Improving your clinical skills builds confidence and makes dentistry more fun and provides better and better care for your patients.

The fundamentals of running a practice have not changed, but because of the internet, they have become more complex and at the same time more effective. Take the practice xray and get the correct diagnosis to fix your practice.

The fundamentals of marketing, case acceptance and good management have not changed. They have just become more critical skills to success. Lack of these skills make you feel like your competition is passing you by.

I am here to tell you that you can successfully grow your practice, make a good profit and have a satisfying family life, if you know a few business fundamentals.

Don’t know where to start? Take my Dental Practice X-ray now and find out what to do next to grow your practice.

I will be able to give you a step by step plan that will make sense.





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