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Case Acceptance Success Stories

Hear from the doctors we've worked with
Dr. Liza Minovi

I see results. The proof of the program is in the instant results. Once I understand the training, we can implement the principles. This applies to me and all my staff.

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Dr. Sonia Simmonds

Instead of going through the motions, being more conscious of how we present to patients, what happens after they leave the chair and how we really increase our case acceptance.

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Dr. Betty Morris

Practically immediately, I started to enjoy increases in production, income and new patients. We are growing instead of declining. Awesome!

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Dr. Garland Davis

My front desk staff is trained and can handle existing and new patients. They can get them to arrive to the office. I now have a certainty in getting patients to accept treatment resulting in 2X increase of my weekly sales.

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