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If you are like 99% of dentists in this country, the biggest challenge you face is case acceptance—not new patients in the door

Your biggest opportunity is investing in training your team to increase your case acceptance

The biggest lose you face in your business is not your expenses, it the collections you should have made but did not

How much production & income walked out the door last month from poor case acceptance? How do you keep your schedule filled with quality procedures that generate profit and patient satisfaction? Your biggest profit loss is the income that you should have made but didn’t.

This is not your fault, because your dental degree did not prepare you for running a business.

"Now, my front desk staff is trained and can handle existing and new patients. They can get them to arrive to the office. I now have a certainty in getting patients to accept treatment resulting in 2X increase of my weekly sales." Garland Davis DDS

Does Your Front Desk Struggle In Handling Patient Objections

The biggest complaint I hear from dentists is that they struggle to get patients to own their problems and accept the
reality of a diagnosis. Patients just do not see your diagnosis as urgently as you do. However, this is not the patient’s fault, the patient lacks the experience you have with dental problems. As a result, when presenting treatment, your patients will say:

  • I don’t have the money.
  • I only want to do what the insurance will pay.
  • I can’t afford this; I am going on a trip to Europe for two weeks.

Patient education alone is not the answer because education does not inspire action. How to inspire actions and patients accepting the consequences of their diagnosis is what is taught in my Video Training Program, Live Events and Mentorship

The Biggest Mistake Dentist Make When Presenting Treatment and How To Fix It

By bringing adverse consequences into the treatment presentation, the patient will discover problems on their own. The patient will become engaged in the treatment presentation and take ownership of the diagnosis.  I can assure you that when you use my Engineered Case Acceptance process and talk about the adverse consequences, all of the objections you have heard time and time again will disappear.

Now on to the next point, patients do treatment because they will benefit from the treatment—physically, psychologically, emotionally. People are motivated to make purchases for two main reasons: the avoidance of pain or the pursuit of pleasure. The debate in the patient’s mind when you are recommending treatment is: balancing the seriousness of the problem versus the cost of the solution. After 24 years of dental case acceptance experience, I have designed a dental case presentation that has a high conversion rate. Starting from the new patient scheduling, pre consultation interview, sharing information between the doctor and staff, having the case presentation emotionally engage the patient. Here are a few titles to my 8 video program.

  • New Patient Scheduling Mastery
  • New Patient Scheduling - Role Playing with Q & A
  • Pre Consult Interview Step 2
  • 3 Steps to an Emotionally Engaging Case Presentation
  • 5 Steps to Close more Cases

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Enjoy all the complimentary training videos I have on my website and YouTube channel to learn tips and training videos about high case acceptance. Purchase the premium video training program if you are ready to take your staff to the next training level. If your ready to accelerate and train your staff quicker, visit the Live Events page to see what city we will be training at next. Or contact us for a quote and we will travel to your office and we will personally train your staff one on one, answer questions and make sure your staff is trained the quickest for closing more and bigger case presentations.

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Jeff Palmer's Law of Increasing Office Collections

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than you present in treatment and get accepted."

Jeff Palmer

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I specialize in working with ambitious dentists to grow their practice by training them and their team to implement a predictable system of case acceptance increasing their production and profit effortlessly.

Our mission is to dispel the mystery surrounding case acceptance and to teach dentists practical methods of closing treatment plans—both increasing practice profitability and ensuring patients get the highest standard of care possible. Using a powerful training system and proven methods of increasing case acceptance rates, our goal is to provide dental practice owners the tools they need to grow their practice and thrive financially.

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