Totally Predictable System To 
Increase Your Case Acceptance

A predictable system to
increase Case Acceptance based on 28 years of experience training dentists

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What Makes Case Acceptance Academy Unique?

A system built by 28 years of experience that gets results!

  • Training Drills To Improve Retention And Application
  • In Office Training & Mentorship
  • System based on real world application and results
  • Train the front desk to schedule new patients like a pro
  • Train treatment coordinator to help close more cases.
  • Live Events and On Demand Video Training

One of the nation’s preeminent experts in the field of dental treatment plan acceptance, Jeff Palmer understands the subject from all angles. His revolutionary methodologies for improving case acceptance aren’t based on mere theories, but years of hard-won experience. Because he has worked as a sales person, a dental management consultant, a dental office manager and also a practice owner, he’s had to apply everything he teaches in the real world. And get real results.

With a degree in marketing and a minor in professional sales, Jeff is a master salesman who has decades of sales experience in thousands of one-on-one closes. He also worked as a management consultant for over 15 years and understands all aspects of the dental industry. However, he doesn’t live in an ivory tower. He is currently co-owner of a dental practice and served as its office manager for years, personally doing all the treatment plan acceptance himself. Thus, he doesn’t just teach case acceptance from an academic understanding—he’s personally lived it.

Having himself mastered the subject of sales and treatment plan acceptance in a dental practice, Jeff set out to codify an approach he could use to teach others how to do it. He identified the basic principles that anyone must know to be successful… the real fundamental truths of treatment plan acceptance. As a result, Jeff’s training programs are able to help anyone improve their case acceptance ratio—making more revenue without adding a single patient or paying any more for marketing.

Discover the Case Acceptance Skills Vlog

Discover the Case Acceptance Skills

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New Patient Scheduler Training

Case Acceptance Academy New Patient Scheduler training for dental office front desk. Schedule Dental New Patients like a pro.

5 Steps To Double Your Case Acceptance Presentation

In this video Jeff Palmer details the pitfalls of the conventional patient process and how to overcome the challenges of "sales" in today's dental practice. Here we dive deep into the simple yet effective steps to DOUBLE your Case Acceptance. 

The BUY NOW Closing Tactic in Case Acceptance - Case Acceptance Academy

In this video Jeff Palmer, founder of Case Acceptance Academy, talks about the BUY NOW strategy in Case Acceptance for your dental office. The Buy Now strategy has been proven to work for every dentist, and can actually work for any industry. Learn how you can implement the Buy Now strategy in your office.

​How to Handle Patient's Insurance Objections - Case Acceptance Academy

In this video Jeff Palmer, founder of Case Acceptance Academy, talks about handling patient insurance objections to improve your case acceptance. Jeff talks about what to present to the patients and how to present it so they understand and emotionally connect to the dental care you're presenting them.

​Statistics for Predictable Income - Case Acceptance Academy

In this video Jeff Palmer, founder of Case Acceptance Academy, talks about statistics you need to track to make your dental practice income 100% predictable. Find out how you can create predictable income from higher case acceptance.

“Definitely the way we talk to patients on the phone has had a positive elect on building relationships and our new patients scheduling and arriving. Shifting the “fixer of a problem to getting people to own the problem approach to case presentations has made a huge difference. Getting patients emotionally invested in what matters to them is key. Once you have them at that point, it’s a very big thing and they will say YES to treatment. I see the positive impact on cash flow and it’s huge!”


Arlington  Waterfront Dental Implant & Oral Surgery
Arlington Virginia & Washington DC

"I was doing well for many years, we were on cruise control. But something was lacking and I was on cruise control. I had the tools but there was something lacking and I was seeing it with the stats. Since Jeff Palmer started with us, my office went to other higher levels. It is like having a personal training helping you and guiding you. It’s up to you, but when you have a personal training it helps you to strive for more. He is a great person; he got along with the whole staff where he became to me like family. I do encourage whoever is looking to reach another level in their practice to get a personal training, and I believe in Jeff Palmer."


Dr. Rosado & Associates
Miami Florida

A proven systems that get result​​​​s.

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Jeff Palmer

President & Founder

I specialize in working with ambitious dentists to grow their practice by training them and their team to implement a predictable system of case acceptance increasing their production and profit effortlessly.

Our mission is to dispel the mystery surrounding case acceptance and to teach dentists practical methods of closing treatment plans—both increasing practice profitability and ensuring patients get the highest standard of care possible. Using a powerful training system and proven methods of increasing case acceptance rates, our goal is to provide dental practice owners the tools they need to grow their practice and thrive financially.

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