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About Jeff Palmer

Born and raised in Chicago with a degree in Marketing from Northern Illinois University, Jeff Palmer has been training dentists since 1994. Not only is he a consultant, training and coach, he is a currently operates a successful dental practice.  Case Acceptance Academy was founded to train dentist and their team how to effectively increase case acceptance. Applying simple and systematic approach that gets predictable results, unlike any other in the industry. Case Acceptance Academy uses simple training methods to implement solid fundamentals of how case acceptance works in the real-world today, helping dentist and their teams increase their case acceptance rate rapidly and sustain it.

Jeff Palmer / CEO & Co-Founder


Success after Jeff Palmer's Mentorship

Garland Davis, DDS

General Dentist

I knew Jeff was well versed in running a dental office. He also had the experience of being a trained dental consultant. My office was producing and collecting at a subpar weekly rate. I’ve had tremendous success previously when my staff was well trained and function as a team. As time went on, I lost many of my trained staff and had problem retraining new staff in what I had learned in sales training and office management. Now, my front desk staff is trained and can handle existing and new patients. They can get them to arrive to the office. I now have a certainty in getting patients to accept treatment resulting in 2X increase of my weekly sales.

What You Will Receive With Case Acceptance Academy's Mentorship?

2 Days In Office  Training

2 days of VIP training in your office or our training facility for your team exclusively. Receive training on the 5 steps of engineered case acceptance.

2 Days Of In Office Coaching

2 VIP days – 2  days In your office with patients to facilitate implementation and accelerate results.

Personalized Team Training

Training for Dentist, Treatment Coordinators , Hygienist & Dental Assistants with 16 CE credits available. 

Customized Handouts & Scripts 

Customized scripts and handouts that have been created from 28 years of dental office experience to effectively train doctor's and staff members to schedule more patients and close presentations.

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Quick, effective and economical. Virtual coaching after training creates accountability and results. We use the latest technology to ensure your success. 

On - Demand Video Training 

Start training your team on new patient scheduling and case acceptance right away. New team member? No problem, train them quickly and easily to bring them up to speed.


Personalized case acceptance coaching will help you and your team achieve success quickly. Jeff will work with you to formulate strategies to create predictable increases in new patients, case acceptance, collections and profitability. You will have at your disposal Jeff Palmer’s  years of tried and tested knowledge that goes way beyond the average  practice management consultant.

What makes the Mentorship Program unique?

Customized Key Metrics Tracking

Customized set up and tracking of key metrics in your office for data driven decisions. The numbers tell you what to do to increase collections quickly and sustain it.

Role Playing 

Professional practice and then perform, they do not practice WHILE they perform.  The most challenging patient scenarios or role played and practiced to improve performance and results.

Training Drills

Using a process unlike any in the industry, custom training drills are used to speed up implementation and results. These drills can be used later to reinforce the successful actions to keep the Engineered Case Acceptance working.

Flexible Scheduling

In office training is scheduled based on your needs.

Travel Expenses Included

All travel expenses to train your staff at your practice are included.

Meet The Founders

Thomas Bursich, DDS


Office Annual Collections

Sterling Dental Center, Sterling Va

Jeff Palmer

CEO & Co-Founder

Train Your Staff To Close More & Bigger Cases

Jeff Palmer

President & Founder

I specialize in working with ambitious dentists to grow their practice by training them and their team to implement a predictable system of case acceptance increasing their production and profit effortlessly.

Our mission is to dispel the mystery surrounding case acceptance and to teach dentists practical methods of closing treatment plans—both increasing practice profitability and ensuring patients get the highest standard of care possible. Using a powerful training system and proven methods of increasing case acceptance rates, our goal is to provide dental practice owners the tools they need to grow their practice and thrive financially.

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