Jeff Palmer, founder of the Case Acceptance Academy.

What I want to go over with you today is how to make direct mail work. And the way that you make direct mail work is you have three factors that you have to look at.

Those three factors are this:

  1. what is it that you’re saying? How are you saying it?
  2. This is who you’re talking to. So the market is who is your ideal patient? Do you want families? Do you want more mature people? Do you want people that want Invisalign or braces? Do you want people that want implants? Do you want people that want crown and bridge? That is your market. So you have the message, and you have the market. So the media that we’re going to use which is the third thing is Direct Mail.
  3. Direct Mail. Now direct mail works if you have the right message going to the right market.

Now what is the right market for direct mail?

Of course it’s going to be people that open the mail. And how do you find out what that message is? The way you find out what the message is, is you survey your patients.

I have a survey that I do with patients to help find out what’s going on between the ears of your ideal patient. Because the way that marketing works is when you see the message and it appeals emotionally and it repeats back what’s going on in that person’s mind they say “ah this person gets me, I need to give them a call.”

When you have the right message and you’re using the media of direct mail, you have to choose a market and you get that message right and you send it out over and over again to that medium and your direct mail will work and you will get some very good patients from direct mail. Not only that, when you start sending out direct mail over and over and over again you’re going to start driving more traffic to your website and you’re going to see your new patients go up and it’s not all going to be from people calling right from your mail piece but overall over time all of your marketing is going to start to work better.

So it’s the right message to the right market which is who it is that you’re talking to, not everyone, choose the right market and then direct mail can work for you.

If you have any questions or you want this survey, just give me a call or email me at info@caatest-7f6a21.ingress-bonde.ewp.live.

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