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Garland Davis, DDS


What originally motivated you to reach out to Jeff Palmer? Please provide some details of your situation.

I knew Jeff was well versed in running a dental office. He also had the experience of being a trained dental consultant. My office was producing and collecting at a subpar weekly rate. I’ve had tremendous success previously when my staff was well trained and function as a team. As time went on, I lost many of my trained staff and had problem retraining new staff in what I had learned in sales training and office management

What situation or event prompted you to look for help?

Perpetual sluggish stats that did not allow me to run the office in an efficient manor

What made you decide to work with me?

I knew you were willing to train in house which took away the barrier of having to travel to train

Why did you decide to choose me?

I have seen first-hand through previous experience the huge interest you take in your clients.

What benefits or results did you gain as a result of working with me so far?

My front desk staff is trained and can handle existing and new patients. They can get them to arrive to the office. I now have a certainty in getting patients to accept treatment resulting in 2X increase of my weekly sales

Please describe to two most significant improvements you have enjoyed as a result of working with me so far?

A predictable way to present treatment to patients. Once treatment is presented, I get patents to take ownership of their dental problem. It’s not just me telling them what they need

How did I contribute you your achieving that outcome?

Repetition in drilling the data in the program. You become very familiar with the material and you can apply it

Please describe why you feel working with me is a success?

I have seen my pertinent stats rise, I know what stats to look at to make them rise.

How do you feel as a result of the improvements and benefits you have received?

I feel that I have more certainty and predictability over the daily success of the office

In your opinion, who would most benefit from working with me?

Any dental office that is having less than optimum results with case acceptance and wants to see their bottom line improve

What would you say to someone who is thinking about working with me?

You have to contact Jeff right away if you want to see fast results and a more stable practice