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Now, my front desk staff is trained and can handle existing and new patients. They can get them to arrive to the office. I now have a certainty in getting patients to accept treatment resulting in 2X increase of my weekly sales.

Garland Davis DDS

General Dentist

Shifting the “fixer of a problem” to getting people to own the problem approach to case presentations has made a huge difference. Getting patients emotionally invested in what matters to them is key. Once you have them at that point it’s a very big thing and they will say yes to treatment.

Dipa Patel DDS

Oral Sur​​​​geon

The greatest benefit has being self-aware of what we are doing every day. Instead of going through the motion being more conscious of how we present to patients, what happens after they leave the chair and how we really increase our case acceptance.

Sonia Simmonds DDS

Senior General Dentist

Case Acceptance Video Training Overview

This is the only systematized case presentation online video training you can do anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Training was recorded live with question & answer and role playing to demonstrate concepts and make implementation easy. Included here is over 5 hours of edited video broken down into 9 engaging and informative lessons. With quizzes after each lesson, this is geared for effective use, staff accountability and results. Clinical staff benefit from this PACE accredited course with CE awarded upon completion.

What You'll Discover in our On Demand Video Training

11 On demand video training lessons

Each lesson has a quiz for application

Customizable handouts included for implementation

New patient scheduling mastery

Certificate of completion for up to 10 team members

5 Steps to close more cases with less effort and stress

Training for Dentist, Hygienist & front desk treatment coordinator. DA are optional

100% Money Back Guarantee

Telephone  new patient conversion training

Predictable case presentations

The Fundamentals To Increase Your Case Acceptance

We train you & your staff to double your case acceptance rate, close bigger cases, and increase your revenue!

New Patient Scheduler Training

Turbo Charge your New Patient Numbers with Case Acceptance Academy’s hyper effective patient scheduling program. This system will transform your front desk into Top Gun new patient schedulers, delivering new patients to your chair, day in and day out. This program has training and coaching that is guaranteed to increase new patients in the door without any increase in marketing.

Pre  Consultation Interview

Interview video that trains your staff how to build a rapport by uncovering patients desires, obstacles and expectations. And how the staff should handoff this information to the doctor to deliver better case presentations.

Emotionally Engaging Case Presentation

A simple 3 step process that quickly and easily helps you get your patients to own their diagnosis and the consequences of not getting the treatment now.

​The Hand Off

The Handoff: How to comfortably present treatment & fees and smoothly get a pre paid financial commitment. Virtually eliminate last minute cancellations and no shows by orchestrating a engineered handoff from dentist to front desk.

​Key steps to Increase Your Case Acceptance and Collections

Improve presentation of large cases through role playing and understand how to use effective closing techniques that increase case acceptance and patient retention and loyalty. Roleplay to overcome the most commoney and most challenging objects until you are completely confident.

Why do our video training?

Increase Case Acceptance

Learn the 5 Steps to offer a more effective case presentation that works! 24 years of case acceptance experience curated into 8 online training videos. Download them and see!

Train Your Staff

Get your team on the same page with scripting that converts 90% of new patient into appointments printable call in script Included!

Grow Your Practice

The quickest way to increase collection is through an increase to your case acceptance. Your ROI will increase dramatically as your front desk schedules more new patients that show!

Get More New Patients In The Chair

Download the video training program that will train your
staff to close more cases and increase your practice's collections!

Patients Don't Want Your Treatment Plans, They Need It.

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For Dentists, Hygienists, Staff Members and Front Desk personnel.