Do You Struggle to “Close” Big Cases?

Here is a quote from a Dentist and Dental entrepreneur that was sent to me in an email not too long ago.

“One of the most common topics that I get asked to speak about is treatment plan presentation. For a lot of dentists, increasing case acceptance is a riddle that they can’t seem to solve… I share my approach… but let me warn you, there’s no magic pill or secret sauce.”

This quote comes from a dentist that teaches other dentists how to be successful. And I am sure he himself is successful. However he is not alone with struggling to grasp the science and art of Dental Case Acceptance.

If you have not yet read the book you requested “Double Your Case Acceptance Now,” you should do it now!
If you have read Double Your Case Acceptance Now, then you know that big case acceptance is not only possible, it’s predictable as a crown prep.

Now what about the other business systems in your practice?

Do you have a predicable system to attract new patients?

Do you have a predictable system for scheduling new patients?

Do you have a predictable system for keeping your schedule full of production?

Do you have a predictable system of how to hire new employees?

Do you have a system for ordering supplies?

There are dozens of systems that comprise running a successful dental practice. Do you want to know exactly what systems you need to be successful? Take the Dental Practice Xray and find out for sure.

Big Case Acceptance is not only possible for you, it can happen faster than you ever imagined.

“You gave me a simple fool proof method that works across the board. It has given me success and now I am excited about coming to work and grow my practice!” Dr. Daniel- Annapolis Md.

How much profit are you losing every week because you don’t have the right systems?

Dentists do not struggle because they are poor clinicians. If you have been around dentistry at all, you know a dentist that you would not let them touch your mouth, but they are kicking your but when it comes to income and profit.

Don’t let that continue to be you. Take the Dental Practice X-Ray today





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